Paper creations on cooking paper.

These are my misfits.

A kind of virtual family.

Misfits I 2018

Misfits XV

I guess I wanted to draw a fictive family tree to repair my own lacks.

This work was very intuitive because I’ve got no drawing skills and because of the materials.

I used baking paper and drew spontaneously on the traces left on the paper during the cooking. So this is a whole organic process around food (oil, chocolate) and imagination.

Figures came out without any intention at the first time. Then I began to ritualize the drawing each time I made cookies.

I like the fragile transparent aspect of the paper reflecting the vulnerability of those lives. The process of drawing on the trace thrills me because I got to do with uncertainty and the surprise of the shapes formed during the cooking. I let my pencil follow the stains and my imagination take the lead through pareidolia.

Misfits look like no one else to me: they’ve got their own very special appearance. Each face might be the reflection of their past, though I’ve never imagined it. I like their strong funny faces… Maybe you would say something about it when looking at them?

The lines or the threads between them make the interconnectedness more obvious. Some of them are directly connected to earth or animals, and remind us that we are only humans among other beings. Some of them might come from an other planet, just like we also feel sometimes.

The buddhist notion of interconnectedness – which can of course be considered out of every religion or philosophy – is a way to recognize that what we think, act and live can influence others, also in best possible ways.

Thus my misfits are connected even though they feel weird or alone.

I like to think that they feel the joy of being together through their uniqueness.

I wish we could all feel the same.

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Misfits XIV 2020

Misfits XV 2020

Misfits XII 2019

Misfits XI 2019

Misfits VI 2019

Misfits I 2018